Enjoy Today. Enjoy Tomorrow. Enjoy 111.

Resources to help you enjoy a healthy, financially abundant and lengthy life.


Celebrating your 111th birthday

A 16-minute guided meditation that takes you on a time travel journey through your 65th, 80th, 95th and 111th birthdays, focusing on gratitude for your energetic life and active mind, your prosperity, and your contribution to the world.

Grateful Cells

A 7-minute guided meditation of all the cells in your body working perfectly, and how they are grateful for your efforts and choices to keep your body and brain working so well. This relaxing meditation will help you to visualize cells in various parts of your body staying as healthy and young as possible, receiving what they need, and rejuvenating every day.

Monkey Mountain

Qi Gong instructor Kaylee Berg helps us understand how the energy in our bodies and the thoughts in our head interact. She uses a traditional Chinese story that includes monkies, a tiger and a dragon. In just over 5 minutes, Kaylee explains the imagery in the story, and offers a breathing exercise to help soothe your inner dragon.

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